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The DNA Detectives: To Catch a Thief


Join Annabelle and Harry in this exciting adventure as they become DNA Detectives in an effort to solve the case of their missing dog Milly.

When Annabelle and Harry’s pet dog Milly goes missing the children believe that the local pet thief has struck again. They have a list of suspects and evidence, but how can they identify the thief and get Milly back?

With their mum working as a DNA scientist from a laboratory in their garden, the children realise they can secretly use their mum’s laboratory to solve the crime. Annabelle and Harry become “DNA Detectives” and, just like real-life forensic scientists, they go on an exciting adventure to try and solve the case.

Join them on their thrilling journey as they collect clues and learn about DNA – and see if they can find out the identity of the pet thief and bring their beloved Milly safely back home.

The Sunday Mirror “This ingenious romp (written by a DNA specialist) weaves fascinating facts about DNA

and its forensic uses into the plot while avoiding being patronising. Kids aged seven and above will adore it

– while picking up scientific knowledge along the way”

The Daily Mail “The author is a scientist and passionate about teaching children how to discover and use DNA.

This fast-paced detective romp tells the story of brother and sister Annabelle and Harry, whose adored dog, Milly, goes missing so they must race against time to discover who in the neighbourhood is the culprit.It’s a perfect combination of action adventure and scientific deduction that will inspire children to start picking up stray hairs with tweezers — so be warned”

The Week Junior Magazine “Annabelle and Harry’s dog Milly has gone missing – can they find out who

took her, and get her back? With a little bit of help from their scientist mum, the pair turn DNA detectives

and use forensic science to uncover the thief. Follow the web links in this book to find out more about

DNA and forensic science”