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Get Clean with Martin John


Martin John was born in 1963 into abject poverty in Bow, East London. Having no formal schooling he was educated by his father Mervin John, an East End gangster turned scrap metal merchant. After learning the trade back-to-front Martin branched out into the furniture business in his late 20s and was a self-made millionaire by the age of 33. Sadly as his financial success increased he became heavily addicted to cocaine and alcohol and squandered his hard-earned fortune over the next 30 years. By the age of 54 he was broke, hugely overweight and preying for a quick death as he regretted losing everything to the white powder. But he was saved by a road-to-Damascus moment after he miraculously survived an overdose. The father-of-three turned to fitness to overcome his demons and has been clean ever since. He now uses his experiences to help others with addiction problems. To reach as many people as possible he regularly posts inspirational videos on Instagram and has gained a dedicated following. The sharp tongued Eastender pulls no punches in his no-holds-barred monologues and has helped dozens of people get clean in the past year alone.